The Voice in the wilderness

Wang Lin's collection of poems

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Formato: 15 x 21 cm
Legatura: Filorefe
ISBN13: 9788849226935
ISBN10: 8849226934 T521D V22i V43b

English/Chinese text

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Contenuto: Balzac said, “I crushed every obstacle.” – He is a hero. Hero is to be a hero to encourage a lifetime of people.
Kafka said, “Every one obstacle to crush me.” – He is a wise man. Wise man is to reveal problems in the intelligence game.
I can not smash every obstacle, nor does it every obstacle crush me, so I do not regard myself as heroes, never boasted wise. I'm just one person. Person is not required to explain: he is the essence of living, through, and then quit the scene. If you're lucky, you can recall the last moments of self. Remember must not companionship, do not need companionship.
Poetry is a person born of speaking to the dead, is preparing memoirs for quit the scene. The face to the self, say to sad and happy, say sentiment and the pursuit, of self- understanding, and the secret that understanding utter self. Because the face to the self, becomes ineffable thing seems to be speak out, become incomprehensible seems understandable.
Poem, as human other existence, when you are willing, you get interposition, and more a living law. That is in addition to daily life, you can live in poetry of the illusion, imagery, words, rhyme and rhythm.
I write poetry, but I'm not a poet, so do not ask myself as the poet's birthright. In the wild, outside poet city, I feel more comfortable, more freeness.
Poem, originally belonged to a person's life, printed anthology only one purpose that is to communicate between individuals. As for why, I do not know. Perhaps happiness need to share and the pain need to share, perhaps one is born animals that communicate with each other.
There is no reason and no reason, we just live in the world; no reason no reason, we just live into poetry.
People are dead poetry, and poetry is resurrected man. This dedicated to the Chinese and the English readers.

Wang Lin