The Story of the Casino Farnese

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Collana: Arte
Formato: 17 x 24 cm
Legatura: Spillato
ISBN13: 9788849220056
ISBN10: 8849220057 T302F V14f

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This is the story of the Casino Farnese. In the Renaissance, a 'casino' was a 'small villa', and this one was in a 'vigna': a landholding filled with orchards and vineyards. The Casino Farnese is over 500 years old, and lies in an area immensely rich in history and culture. Extraordinary people have come and gone here. Events great and small have left their mark. It is a place of creativity and learning, deeply connected with art, music, literature, philosophy and science, and in many ways with Scandinavia. The historic Circolo Scandinavo (Skandinavisk Forening) per Artisti e Scienziati in Rome, founded in 1860, has a new home. Let us take a virtual journey through time and space.