The Castle of Tabiano

A thousand years of history, legends, in the Pallavicino fiefs

Collana: Storia, Filosofia, Religione
Formato: 22 x 24 cm
Legatura: Filorefe
ISBN13: 9788849218695
ISBN10: 8849218699 T312B V11f V41d V23b

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Contenuto: The aim of this book is to illustrate the principal events and styles of life that took place in Tabiano Castle and in its village for more than thousand years. I have examined the old archives in order to discover new events in addition to those already known. In the middle ages the documents about the castles in the Parma region are scarce; even the parish archives before the Concilio di Trento (end of 16th century)are poor and so are the notarial acts and the imperial edicts. Even the chronicles of the time are full of gaps. There are still many mysteries about the origin of the castle, the arrival of Pallavicino and the battles in that place. I have tried to collect and to order the documents that I have found and also what has already been written about themain historical and cultural events concerning the castle since the beginning of the 11th century until today.

Giacomo Corazza, born in Tabiano Castle, has a direct knowledge of agriculture and a great love for his region. Farmer and economist, he has written several books and papers on agricultural economy. He also carried out many researches on the origins of Tabiano castle and on the history of its inhabitants. This book is the most recent fruit of this loving care.