Spirit into shape. Contemporary Italian Sculpture

Bergomi - Coletta - Kossuth - Rainaldi - Zanchi

Collana: Arte
Formato: 22 x 24 cm
Legatura: Filorefe
ISBN13: 9788849212501
ISBN10: 884921250X
Ub.int: T443F V14g V42f

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Anno di edizione:
Pagine: 40

Contenuto: Welcome to the exhibition Spirit into Shape: Contemporary Italian Sculpture.
I am delighted to note that the first host to this innovative collection of sculptures by the new generation of Italian artists is Washington DC, a forum of privilege for these young men, as well as a testimony to the appeal that new art forms hold for the American public, which has traditionally reserved special appreciation for Italian artists and their production.
Italy's tradition in the arts is celebrated worldwide and its cultural heritage of masterpieces and iconic artists has few peers. Like the rest of the world, we treasure this past. At the same time, we recognize that art does not stand still and that it evolves hand in hand with society, reflecting developments in how we interact with and perceive the very nature of art, its forms, its techniques, and sometimes even its purpose.
Sculpture is, of course, a very special form and has its own vital spirit. Three-dimensional and free standing, it is open to reflection from the perspectives of scale, balance, line, and texture. It is also an experiential form, referring a concept and disclosing an expression of the spirit and its interaction with the physical world, one in constant evolution. These changes and new directions provide new stimuli for our contemporary artists, who are conveying fresh creative concepts in forms that embody bold new directions, original visions, and innovative spaces in which we can take pleasure. Our contact with sculpture, as with all art forms, provides an opportunity to explore a form that will fulfill the need for enjoyment and release that the spirit demands.
The Embassy of Italy is glad to provide this occasion and extends its appreciation in this effort to the exhibition's sponsors, whose attention and enthusiastic support made it possible to provide this vantage point from which to reflect on new talent and fresh ideas even before their originality has fully blossomed.
I trust that your spirits will be lifted by this contact and exploration.

H.E. Giovanni Castellaneta
Ambassador of Italy to the United States of America