Journal of public Finance and Public Choice n. 2-3/2007

Rivista quadrimestrale in lingua inglese sull'economia delle scelte pubbliche

Collana: Journ. of Public Finance Public Choice
Formato: 17 x 24 cm
Legatura: Filorefe
ISBN13: 9788849216417
ISBN10: 8849216416 T812G

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Pagine: 128

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Wallace E. Oates
Remembering Richard Musgrave

Gordon L. Brady
The Chicago Roots of the Virginia School of Political Economy

David Duffy
Tax Smoothing in the Presence of the Maastricht Constraint

Russell S. Sobel - Christopher J. Coyne - Peter T. Leeson
The Political Economy of FEMA: Did Reorganization Matter?

Guido Pellegrini - Stefania P. S. Rossi - Ornella Tarola
How Regional Policies Can Affect Growth: a Macroeconometric Model for the Southern Italian Regions