Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice n. 1/2006

Rivista quadrimestrale in lingua inglese sull'economia delle scelte pubbliche

Collana: Journ. of Public Finance Public Choice
Formato: 17 X 24 cm
Legatura: Filorefe
ISBN13: 9788849212808
ISBN10: 8849212801 T442E

Anno di edizione:
Pagine: 80

Contenuto: Michael Brooks
On the Importance of the Margin
in the Demand-Revealing Process

Nimai M. Mehta
Inequality in Fact and as a Norm: The Use and Abuse
of Indian History from Mill to Sen

Emmanuelle Reulier – Yvon Rocaboy
Finite-Lived Politicians and Yardstick Competition

Pierre Bessard
From taxation to Justice: Extending the search
for a ‘Just Tax'