FormaMente n. 2/2019

Rivista internazionale di ricerca sul futuro digitale

Collana: FormaMente
Formato: 21 x 29,7 cm
Legatura: Filorefe
ISBN13: 9788849238846
ISBN10: 9788849238846 T524B

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Anno di edizione:
Pagine: 128

Contenuto: RESEARCH
HRM Challenges and Lifelong Learning in SMEs in Western Saxony
Anna-Maria Clauss, Christian-Andreas Schumann, Eric Forkel, Kevin Reuther

Mutual Benefit
Bringing regional SMEs and universities together through the innovative SHARPEN
teaching methodology
Angela Walter

Ethics and Politics in the Postmodern Condition
Tommaso Valentini

Homage to Lord Crowther
50th anniversary of the UK Open University Foundation
Francesco C. Ugolini

Inter-generational Exchanges
The meaning of an integrated sustainable process for inland areas' development based on vernacular knowledge
Fabio Naselli, Cinzia Bellone

Contemporary National-Populism in Scandinavia
Identifying types and determining factors
Anja Urup Hansen

Computational Thinking and Creativity in K-6 Education
Panagiotis Kakavas

Handbook on Measuring Equity in Education
Chiao-Ling Chien, Friedrich Huebler

Vocabulary Development
Timothy Rasinski, William H. Rupley