Carte 7. Works on Paper by Seven Italian Women Artists

Exhibition catalogue Istituto Italiano di Cultura New Delhi

Collana: Architettura, Urbanistica, Ambiente
Formato: 17 x 24 cm
Legatura: Spillato
ISBN13: 9788849217230
ISBN10: 8849217234 T438C V01i V12g V43i

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Pagine: 32

Contenuto: The idea for this exhibition was inspired by a previous project with Ambassador Roberto Toscano and his wife Francesca (both of whom are instrumental in the organization of this exhibition in New Delhi) during their tenure in Teheran. The title of the exhibition, Carte7, is an idea by Elisa Montessori, and alludes to a series of themes and concepts implicated in this exhibition but also a play on words that is too complex for translation. Suffice it to say that the country of India has inspired all of us to conceive an exhibition that is both linked to that country but also reflects artistic practice in Italy. Given the strong interest in international art in India, it seemed timely to explore the possibility of bringing our exhibition of Italian artists to the country. And what better idea than to bring women painters from Rome for the first time: a symbol of exchange and future collaboration between the two countries.

Curated by Mary Angela Schroth